Preparing for trial can be a very daunting task at times.  TBC has 4 full-time trial technicians that can alleviate some of the headaches that come with gearing-up for a big trial.  We have a great deal of experience presenting evidence in complex cases.


Our trial technicians can assist in developing a presentation plan for your case.  We can share ideas that have proven to be effective in other cases and help you come up with a plan that will be illustrative to the jury.


We can aid in scanning exhibits, synchronizing and editing videos, and organizing all of your case data.  TBC also has a graphic designer on staff who can create demonstrative exhibits,  powerpoint presentations, flash videos and blow-ups.


TBC introduced the use of trial presentation software to the Kansas City legal community more than a decade ago. The growth of this technology has enabled litigators by providing them with powerful, cost-effective, presentation tools that produce results.


Our experienced trial team members can instantly annotate exhibits, create video impeachment clips and text clips “on-the-fly”. Exhibits can be modified and redacted instantly. No more costly blowups. We give you the ability to effectively present your evidence in a way that is interesting to the jury.


We would be happy to customize a bid for you. Please give us a call at 816-221-3376 or e-mail us at


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