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TBC uses only professional quality equipment for recording depositions. 3 chip HD/SD DV cameras ensure a broadcast quality recording. Sony and Shure lavalier microphones and audio mixers ensure everyone will be heard at all times during the proceeding. A backup DVD is also recorded onsite to guarantee that no testimony is lost due to equipment failure. Live capture is also available upon request, allowing you to take a copy of your deposition with you. A complimentary audio feed  is also provided for the court reporter if requested.


We can also provide you with sophisticated split screen and computer assisted presentation equipment allowing you to use trial presentation software such as Sanction direct from your laptop. If you don’t have the laptop with presentation software, we can provide that as well. We can even load your case and help you organize and create exhibits.


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6632 Raytown Road, Suite B • Raytown, MO 64133 • (816) 221-3376 • Fax: (816) 554-9660